Steps to Register And Setup Alexa Echo Wifi Network

Amazon’s voice enabled digital assistant, Alexa, is becoming increasingly popular due the variety of functions it can perform. Just call “Alexa” and it responds instantly to the commands. Alexa can help you stream music, control smart home devices, help order food, check the weather, schedule tasks, maintain shopping lists and even manage your calls and messages.


Maintained on a cloud, Alexa is continuously updated and customised to user preferences and behavior. The more you interact with Alexa, the more it learns about your vocabulary, day tasks and voice modulations. Combined with other apps and smart devices, Alexa becomes a more intricate part of your life with increased functionalities.


Amazon has launched many Alexa compatible devices which can be easily setup to give the platform to employ this digital personal assistant. Amazon’s Echo smart speaker was the first such device launched in 2014. It has undergone many changes aesthetically as well as functionally.


It is powered by Dolby for crisp and immersive sound experience.


To register and setup Alexa Echo on WiFi network, one has to download the latest version of Amazon’s Alexa app. This app is available on Android, iOS and Amazon app stores. Alexa app is compatible with Android devices with 5.0 or higher platform versions. Similarly, for iOS, the platform needs to be 9.0 or higher.


Login to the app with an existing amazing account or create a new one. This helps register your device with Amazon. The setting tab on the app menu provides step-by-step instructions to setup Alexa Echo on WiFi network. Echo can only work on dual-band WiFi network and is not compatible with peer-to-peer wireless networks.


To start the setup process, it is important to plug in the Echo device with uninterrupted power supply. Make sure the device is close to you as the set up requires you to press the ‘Action’ button found on the top of the device. The device will flash an orange light on the ring which will indicate that the device is connecting to WiFi.


The app also prompts the user to connect to a customized Amazon wireless network that appears right after the orange light flashes. This helps secure a connection between the device, the app and the WiFi. You can then choose your preferred wireless network. The app also lets you update wireless network is switching to another one.


Once the setup is complete, Alexa is ready to take commands and help make your life easier.